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Powered mobility chair

Powered mobility chair

REAL 6100 Plus

is a specialised powered mobility chair for use indoors at home and in the workplace. It has been designed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in support of an active lifestyle. The chair enables movement around the tightest of spaces and is equipped with riser and tilt functions as well as many other features to promote active seating.

This highly manoeuvrable powered indoor wheelchair is designed to give someone with impaired mobility the freedom and independence to do much more for themselves. Everyday tasks like preparing food at a kitchen worksurface, reaching high shelves, using laboratory benches, whiteboards, flipcharts or lecterns at work, talking face to face in groups or transferring to a different chair, toilet or bed – this chair helps with all of them.

REAL 6100 powered mobility chair with elevation and tilt functions.

Manoeuvrable powered mobility chair

This indoor mobility chair features a mid-wheel drive system which turns about a central axis and offers the user maximum freedom of movement in the tightest of spaces at home or at work.

The base is perfectly stable but compact, measuring only 570mm wide and 800mm long and can turn 180° in a space only 820 mm wide. The footrest and electronic control unit can be flipped out of the way if they obstruct a particular activity.

Individual wheel suspension means that the REAL 6100 Plus can tackle obstacles on the floor or thresholds of up to 40mm high with ease and the chair can be taken apart in one simple operation for transportation by car from one indoor location to another.

Powered mobility chair can manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces.

Versatile powered mobility chair

In the home the REAL 6100 Plus allows the user to carry out many domestic tasks that are impossible from a conventional sitting position. Whether it is working at a kitchen counter, unloading a dishwasher or reaching up to high cupboards or shelves the tilting seat and 750mm seat elevation make these tasks possible without help from others. Transferring safely to a bed or alternative chair can be made easier with the powered seat tilt, seat height adjustment and swing-away arms and the automatic brake ensures that the chair creates a stable support to help with the transfer.

Workers use the REAL 6100 Plus to move effortlessly around the office or factory and assist with day to day workplace tasks such as presentations at a white board, lectern, reaching shelves and filing or to use counter-height equipment.

Mercado Medic implements an ISO 9001 Quality Management System as part of its commitment to continuous quality improvement and the chairs are CE certified in accordance with Swedish Medical Products Agency regulation LVFS 2003:11 / EU Council Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

To arrange a seating assessment or for more information about this chair please email us using the contact form or call us on 01784 477780

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