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Mobility work chairs

Mobility Work Chairs

Powered mobility chair helps this worker deal with his co-workers on an equal basis.

Mercado Medic manufacture indoor mobility chairs which address the specific requirements of the workplace, the tasks performed and the physical impairment of the worker. Specialist mobility seating provides improved independence that can enhance life at work and their users will experience an enhanced level of inclusion with co-workers.

Our manual task chairs and powered indoor wheelchairs can be matched to the assistance level required for activities in offices, shops, hospitals or factories. Whether the application includes the use of computers, presentations, clerical functions, manual work or retail sales, our mobility task chairs can be prescribed to suit the specific activity.

Mercado Medic workplace mobility chairs can help with many different levels of physical impairment whether it is a temporary condition caused by injury, episodic or long-term disability. With the right assistive chair, we can help our customers to participate in work activities on a more equal basis.

Workers with limited use of their legs can use the REAL 6100 Plus electric indoor mobility chair to move effortlessly around the office or factory and assist with day to day workplace tasks. As well as providing indoor mobility and being ultra-comfortable for long-term sitting it offers powered lift and tilt functions that enable the user to reach shelves or filing, present at a lectern or whiteboard and use counter-height equipment like photocopiers and shredders.

Large person sitting at a desk in 9200 chair.

Our manual mobility chair REAL 9100 Plus EL offers a similar level of functionality to our electric mobility chair but can also form a key part of an exercise and rehabilitation programme. The chair offers support where needed and the ability to ‘walk’ the chair around. It also helps those who wish to stand up from the chair with powered lift and tilt functions and a rock-solid braking system.

The REAL 9200 Twin is a bariatric version of our manual mobility chair with an even more sturdy and durable construction offering indoor workplace mobility for large users weighing up to 275Kg (43 Stone). REAL 9200 Twin offers secure support for heavy users and features extended seating dimensions, a robust steel frame, double lift columns, reinforced back mechanisms and other components. The whole design of this chair is specifically based on larger users with their mobility, comfort and safety as the top priorities.

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