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Manual paediatric mobility chairs

Manual paediatric mobility chairs

The REAL 9300 & 9400 mobility chair is designed for use by children or small adults with mobility limiting conditions to offer them maximum freedom of movement and independence in daily activities.

Chair being used by a boy in domestic environment.

These specialised indoor mobility wheel chairs have size options and a range of cushions and adaptations to suit users of all sizes. They also feature a modular construction which means they can adapt to grows or a change in condition or lifestyle. The 9300 has a gas activated riser function and on the 9400 that function is electrically powered. Both can be delivered with several other features such as seat tilt, backrest adjustment and braking.

These chairs have a discreet modern design that does not look out of place in most environments and offer all the benefits of a fully-functioning mobility sit-stand task chair without the obvious appearance of disability equipment. The adjustable functions have been developed in consultation with medical experts to provide an optimal posture for small users with many upholstered cushion options to provide unparalleled ergonomic posture and comfort for extended periods of sitting.

Manual mobility chair with adjustable foot rests.

Manoeuvrable and Versatile

The REAL 9300 and 9400 chairs support free movement with minimum of effort and feature a fully-welded base measuring only 48 x 53cm for use in confined spaces.

The large diameter, omnidirectional castors have ultra-low friction bearings for a smooth-running experience and give superb manoeuvrability. These are available in a range of materials and sizes to allow this disability task chair to be moved across thresholds, obstacles and over different kinds of surfaces.

The seat tilt function allows the user to transfer weight onto their feet and move around using the strength in their legs whilst maintaining secure contact with the chair. With easy to operate height controls the user can elevate the chair into a high position for getting out of the chair into a standing position and back again and these assisted walking and standing activities can offer a sense of independence and help with physical rehabilitation.

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