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Home mobility chairs

Mobility at Home Chairs

Mercado Medic manufacture indoor mobility chairs which are highly suitable for use at home by people with mobility limiting physical conditions.

Our manual task chairs and powered indoor wheelchairs can be matched to the assistance level required for an individual so that they can perform almost any daily activity in the home. The unique modular construction of Mercado Medic specialised mobility chairs means they can be individually specified to suit the user and then retrofitted with alternative features as requirements change. The individual specification is composed following careful personal interview and measurement at a chair assessment.

Mercado Medic home mobility chairs can help with many different levels of physical impairment whether it is a temporary condition caused by injury, episodic or long-term disability. With the right assistive chair, we can help our customers to participate in activities without the need of a helper.

REAL 6100 Powered mobility wheelchair is agile around the home.

People with limited use of their legs can use the REAL 6100 Plus electric indoor mobility chair to move effortlessly around the home and assist with day to day tasks. As well as providing indoor mobility and being ultra-comfortable for long-term sitting it offers powered lift and tilt functions that enable the user to reach shelves or cupboards which means in the kitchen they can use equipment like food mixers and eye-level grills without costly adaptations. Transfers in and out of the chair are facilitated by the powered lift /tilt functions and fold-away arms and the automatic brake ensures that the chair creates a stable support to help with the transfer.

Individual wheel suspension means that the REAL 6100 Plus can tackle obstacles on the floor or thresholds of up to 40mm high with ease and it features a mid-wheel drive system which turns about a central axis and with a base measuring only 570mm wide and 800mm long and can turn 180° in a space only 820 mm wide. The chair can be taken apart in one simple operation for transportation by car from one indoor location to another.

REAL 9100 Plus EL self-propelled mobility chair.

Our manual mobility chair REAL 9100 Plus EL offers a similar level of functionality to our electric mobility chair but can also form a key part of an exercise and rehabilitation programme. The chair offers support where needed and the ability to ‘walk’ the chair around. It also helps those who wish to stand up from the chair with powered lift and tilt functions and a rock-solid braking system. The large diameter, omnidirectional castors have ultra-low friction bearings for a smooth-running experience and give superb manoeuvrability. These are available in a range of materials and sizes to allow this disability task chair to be moved across thresholds and over different kinds of surfaces.

There is also a bariatric manual task chair with a sturdy and durable design which offers indoor mobility around the home. This chair is the REAL 9200 Twin which is designed for large users weighing up to 275Kg (43 Stone). As well as offering a safe and comfortable place to sit it allows the user to transfer weight onto their feet and propel the chair using the strength in their legs whilst maintaining their seated position. Either gas-cylinder or electric powered height controls allow the user to elevate the chair into a high position to exit the chair into a standing position and back again.

Mercado Medic REAL range of paedriatric chairs.

Children can benefit from both powered and manual indoor mobility chairs and enjoy full involvement in family activities around the house. These specialised indoor manual wheel chairs have size options and a range of cushions and adaptations to suit children of all ages and sizes. They also feature a modular construction which means they can adapt over time as a child grows or their condition or lifestyle changes. The REAL 9300 has a gas activated riser function operated by a control located under the seat or arm support. An alternative to the gas actuator is one powered by an electric actuator via a switch conveniently located under the arm support. This chair is the REAL 9400.

If the child has insufficient strength in their legs to move the chair by ‘walking’ it then powered traction is also available on the paediatric version of the REAL 6100. This specialised indoor powered wheel chair has size options to suit children from 3 years through to adulthood and a range of cushions and adaptations specifically designed for small adults and children. Like the manual chairs, this chair has modular construction which means it can be adapted over time. In the home the REAL 6100 allows the user to take a full part in family life including helping around the kitchen and even keeping their own bedroom tidy! The tilting seat and powered seat elevation make these tasks and many others possible without the help of others. Transferring safely to a bed or alternative chair is made easier with the powered seat tilt, seat height adjustment and swing-away arms and the automatic brake ensures that the chair creates a stable support for this activity.

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