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Bariatric mobility chair

Bariatric mobility chair

REAL 9200 Twin

is a bariatric mobility chair for large and heavy people and features an extra heavy-duty construction offering indoor mobility for users weighing up to 275Kg (43 Stone).
REAL 9200 Dual features a reinforced construction  for large users.

REAL 9200 Twin offers solid and secure support for heavy users and features plus-sized seat dimensions, a reinforced steel frame, double lift columns, reinforced back mechanisms and components. The whole design is specifically based on larger users with their mobility, comfort and safety as the top priorities. A 10-year warranty on the welded frame.


The fully-welded steel X-shaped base is designed with a compact 52 x 56 cm footprint so that the chair can offer freedom of movement in narrow spaces. Large diameter, omnidirectional castors have ultra-heavy duty, low friction bearings for a smooth-running experience and give superb manoeuvrability. These allow this disability task chair to be moved across thresholds, obstacles and on different kinds of floor surface.

The 9200 Dual design is specifically for larger users.


Walking the chair around is made easier by the X-shaped base which allows the user to transfer weight onto their feet and move around using the strength in their legs whilst maintaining their seated position. Either gas-cylinder or electric powered height controls allow the user to elevate the chair into a high position to exit the chair into a standing position and back again. These assisted walking and standing movements encourage activity and can help with physical rehabilitation.

The gas spring on the standard chair delivers 20cm of assisted elevation and the electric height adjustment (EL version) has a travel of 28cm so with minimum effort you can safely raise or lower the seat to reach different heights whilst still seated. With the brakes applied, the user can place their full body weight on the arm rests when transferring in and out of the chair.


Postural management, and ergonomics are vital factors in the design of bariatric seating so that the user can enjoy healthy, long-term use of their chair. With the REAL 9200 Twin, the special seating needs of large and heavy users are accommodated by our in-house ErgoMedic seat systems with seat widths up to 72cm. The cushions are designed with the right form and foam density so that weight is distributed correctly to minimise pressure points and maintain good blood circulation.

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