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Disability task chair range

Disability Task Chair Range

Our bespoke disability chairs can accommodate most physical disabilities and impaired mobility and as your condition or your lifestyle changes over time, the modular nature of the chairs means that our disability task chair range can be adapted or upgraded with new elements that are better suited to a change of use.

REAL 6100 Plus powered chair.

REAL 6100 Plus

is a specialised indoor powered wheelchair for use in the workplace, home and education. It offers the user maximum freedom of movement in support of an active lifestyle.
Disability task chair range REAL 9100 PLUS EL task chair.

REAL 9100 Plus EL

manual task chair for indoor mobility. A powered sit-stand chair available with electric seat height, seat tilt and braking and a host of accessories to support an independent lifestyle.
REAL 6100 Plus Paediatric chair

REAL 6100 Plus Paediatric

is used in homes and educational facilities by children suffering with mobility limiting conditions to offer maximum freedom of movement in support of a full and active life.
Disability task chair range REAL 9300 & 9400 paediatric task chair.

REAL 9300 & 9400 paediatric task chair

This range of manual disability task chairs is designed for use by children with mobility limiting conditions to offer them maximum freedom of movement and independence at home and school.
REAL 9200 Twin EL Bariatic task chair.

REAL 9200 Twin

A bariatric manual task chair with a sturdy and durable design offering indoor mobility for large users weighing up to 275Kg (43 Stone).
Mercado Medic medical chairs.

Medical Chair Range

A range of chairs with an ergonomic design, providing comfort for clinicians and patients with special features to support diagnostic and medical procedures.
Home and Office task chairs range.

Home and Office Task Chairs

In partnership with renowned Swedish manufacturer Mercado Medic, Visual-Q Ltd offer specialist disability seating with unrivalled functionality for users with different types of functional disabilities.
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